What is Doroob?

Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis
Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafis Minister of Labor and Social Affairs

Minister's Message

The need for knowledge has grown exponentially. It is therefore essential and our responsibility to capture the opportunities that this growth presents by preparing our society with the creative skills needed to produce future innovations.

In conjunction with the 2020 National Transformation Program and the Vision 2030 targets of creating a prosperous economic future for our citizens and achieving sustainable national development, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development is driven to advance creativity, innovation, and will continue to invest in modern ways of developing the skills and expertise of the citizens of Saudi Arabia. Not only will this open new horizons for the country, it will also create exceptional work environments for our citizens, and contribute to the growth of the national economy.

The Doroob e-learning platform embodies the keenness of the Ministry to invest in our shared human capital by developing the talent of the nation. We aim to provide our citizens with the skills that are needed by enterprises, small businesses, and entrepreneurs throughout the Kingdom’s labor market. Hundreds of thousands of our nation’s men and women have used and benefited from this platform.

The ministry desires that Doroob becomes the national e-Learning platform and continues to offer its wide range of beneficial services and programs. Currently and always we will support the enablement of every citizen to develop their abilities and obtain industry recognized certifications, so that they are more adequately prepared to meet the needs of the national labor market.

As a key 2020 national transformation program initiative for the development of the nation’s workforce and by partnering with the private sector, Doroob plays an essential role in the reduction of the unemployment rate by raising the skills of job seekers which raises their overall competitiveness in the labor market. By also assisting enterprises in finding highly qualified professionals to fill required jobs, Doroob supports the overall development and growth initiatives currently taking place in the Kingdom under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and His Highness the Crown Prince.

Doroob is a major national initiative that specializes in catering to the needs of jobseekers or anyone eager to develop his/her professional skills towards more advanced levels.

It is an integrated program sponsored by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF). This program starts with the introduction of e-Learning and online training, where you can get trained anytime and from anywhere. Then, it offers accredited certificates that are officially recognized by top employers in the Kingdom. These certificates also give their holders priority when applying for a job.

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

Doroob is endorsed by the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF)

Doroob's objectives

For Learners

  • To enhance and develop the skills of learners
  • To provide learners with tools and knowledge that allows them to identify employment opportunities in an efficient manner
  • To provide relevant courses and training to increase their employability
  • To award them with certificates endorsed by major employers in the Kingdom

For Employers

  • To ensure job candidates and employees have the adequate skills to be successful and productive
  • To reduce employers' training costs and needed time for hiring and onboarding new employees
  • To enhance the skills of OJT trainees by providing mentoring and e-coaching services

Institutional Partners

Command & Control Center
Human Resources Development Fund
King Abdulaziz University
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Labour
Saudi Skills Standards
Technical and Vocational Training Corporation