About Self Training Program

Self-Training Program: A collaborative project between TVTC and Doroob.

An alternative to traditional training, it offers a select number of TVTC courses in e-Training format.

Steps to Enroll in 'Self-Training' Program

Complete Your Course

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Pay fees

Pay fees

Enroll in the course(s)

Enroll in the course(s)

For more information about the program, download the guide.



Registration is currently only available for current TVTC trainees


Please confirm that the courses you wish to register into are a part of your degree


Exams will be made available soon; an announcement will be sent then

Terms of Use

  1. Self-training method is driven by trainee in receiving, processing and responding to the information.
  2. Completing the e-Content of a specific course does not mean passing the course. The trainee must take a comprehensive test (physically), and achieve a minimum of 60% of the total score in order to pass the test and receive the certificate.
  3. The trainee must preserve and not publish intellectual property rights of the e-Course . The intellectual property rights of the content of the Self-Training e-Courses belong to the General Corporation for Technical and Vocational Training.
  4. Doroob platform preserves the right to make necessary modifications to the e-courses without prior notice to the trainee.
  5. The trainee must review the terms and conditions and the policy of use of the platform periodically to see any additions or modifications. Continuing training on the platform will be considering acceptance of any periodical changes.
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